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What To Expect For A Down Payment On A Construction Loan?

The lenders want a personal investment in the project, and that comes in the form of the down payment. The down payment is usually 20% of the total loan, but there are ways that this may not matter in home improvement loans. It is not a black-and-white number that everyone uses, and various exceptions could change it entirely.

Property Worth

The construction loan company will hire a personal appraiser. One main reason for this is that they want to know how much the property that they are building or remodeling is going to be worth. If the home is worth a lot, the down payment can be lessened. It means they are more confident in the construction project as a whole.

If the home is worth $100,000, and the construction project is projected at $90,000, theres 90% ratio here. This is too high for many construction lending companies that see it as entirely too high a cost ratio on the whole project. Most lenders want to customers to have at least 20% skin into the game which would be a 80% loan to value and or loan to cost. This is also considered the down payment. Other ways to increase the customer equity is through pre-paids, market equity and or more money down.

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How Important is Credit?

Construction lenders need to go with what they know, that will include the credit scores. These days most lenders require a credit score of 700 or higher with no short sales, derogatories or foreclosures on the report. The income to debt ratios need to be 50% or less depending on the lender. The current banking system is very conservative and is currently only offering the best loans with the best rates to the least risk customers and projects. Some banks offset the good from the bad loans with strict underwriting guidelines.

The down payment will dramatically vary when building a house. Most people should expect a down payment in the range of 20% of the total project. This is a safe consideration. Its very important to note that in order to obtain a construction loan its very important to go to the right bank versus just any lender if one wants the best loan. A construction loan expert is very important such as an eperienced loan broker can make the difference in getting a loan at all.

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